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What is The Absolute Gas Pressure to Power a ShrinKit's Heat Shrink Gun?

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

The ideal gas pressure to power a ShrinKit's heat gun is around 3.5 bar (i.e. 50 Psi).

What if a gas is used at a pressure below 3.5 bar?

If you are using our shrink gun at a lower pressure, like around 2 bars, you will notice that the flame shall contain more of an orange tint inside of it than blue. Along with that it will become more unsteady (i.e. a lot of fluttering) under application. The undergoing phenomenon will allow it to start heating up the burner & cowl. But at the same time, you might probably not find it igniting at all. Basically, the burner will loose its flame velocity.

All gas-powered shrink guns have a certain minimum operational pressure for them to work correctly. The only way there is, to go below this minimum pressure, is to reduce the size of the jet in the shrink gun in order to compensate with the percentage loss in pressure. But this will also drastically reduce the heat output of any shrink gun. Therefore, you are going to need more time to complete the shrink-wrapping works.

A shrink gun burnt out due to adjust the gas pressure it to low and it was heating up the shrink gun.
A Burnt Out Shrink Gun

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