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Industrial shrink wrap film is created to package, protect, and streamline the handling of products during shipping and storage. It offers benefits like product protection, tamper resistance, cost-effectiveness, and customized branding, making it a versatile packaging solution for various industries.


UK's No. 1 manufactured Shrink Gun is strong, powerful, easy to operate and comfortable to handle. Use the ShrinKit heat gun in conjunction with shrink polythene, pallet covers, pallet bags, sheeting and shrink films to achieve a fast, cost effective and highly protective solution for all your requirements including, packaging, containment and weather protection.


Vacuum packing with laminated aluminum foil is often used for export purposes because it protects the shipped product. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Protection against moisture: Vacuum packing with laminated aluminum foil creates a barrier against moisture, which can cause damage or spoilage to certain products. The risk of moisture damage is greatly reduced by eliminating air and sealing the product.

  2. Protection against oxygen: Oxygen can cause oxidation, damaging certain products such as food or pharmaceuticals. Vacuum packing with laminated aluminum foil reduces the amount of oxygen in the package, slowing the oxidation process.

  3. Protection against the light: Some products are sensitive to light and can be damaged by exposure to UV rays. Laminated aluminum foil helps block out light, reducing the risk of damage.

  4. Longer shelf life: By protecting the product against moisture, oxygen, and light, vacuum packing with laminated aluminum foil can help extend the product's shelf life. This can be particularly important for products that are being shipped long distances.

Overall, vacuum packing with laminated aluminum foil is a cost-effective way to protect products during shipping, reduce the risk of damage, and extend their shelf life. It is particularly useful for products that are sensitive to moisture, oxygen, or light.


Dura skrim film is a type of polyethylene (PE) plastic film that is manufactured using a high-strength scrim reinforcement. The scrim reinforcement is a layer of woven or non-woven fibers that are embedded in the PE film to provide additional strength, tear resistance, and puncture resistance. The resulting film is durable, flexible, and lightweight, making it suitable for a wide range of packaging applications.


Dura skrim film can be manufactured in different thicknesses, ranging from a few mils to over 20 mils, depending on the specific application requirements. It can also be produced in various widths and lengths, as well as different colors, such as white, black, or clear.


Some common uses of dura skrim film include packaging for industrial and construction materials, agricultural products, and outdoor equipment. It can also be used for temporary enclosures, such as construction site barriers or containment covers for hazardous materials.

Dura skrim film is often used as packaging material for machinery because it is highly durable, can be customized to fit specific dimensions, can be used with other packaging materials, and is cost-effective and lightweight. It helps to protect machinery during transportation and storage, prevents shifting, and provides cushioning for delicate or sensitive machinery


Mobile heat welding tongs for coated films

With this portable handheld device, you can seal heat seal-compatible plastic film and materials such as coated aluminium foil, coated paper or coated cellulose film easily and flexible. The PTFe-coated models prevent the materials from sticking on the sealing bars.

It is an essential tool for machinery packer to create a bag form size of laminated aluminium foil to do vacuum packing for the machinery cargoes.

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