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Damages Prevention Solutions


ShockSticker label impact indicators for packaging PREVENT rough handling and reduce damages related costs by indicating when fragile products have been exposed to a potentially damaging impact during in storage or transit. ShockSticker labels are tamperproof by providing every unique tracking number and barcode on the label, mechanically-activated devices that turn RED when an impact take place.

  • How do I know which ShockSticker to use

Determine the Volume of your shipping container in cubic feet (height*width*depth)


Determine the total weight, including the item shipping, all packing material and the shipping container itself

Shocksticker chart.png

1. Duration : 0.5(S)-50ms

2. Tolerance: ±15%
3. Operating Temperature :-20℃ to +80℃
4. Size: 94.9*94.9mm
5. Lable: 25g,37g,50g,75g,100g
6. Shelf life: 2years (20℃/68℉)


The TiltSticker is single-use tip indicator used to monitor goods that must remain upright. Once applied to the packaging, the TiltSticker will provide evidence of mishandling if the shipment is tipped. However, the tilt indicator remains unaffected by movement resulting from normal handling conditions.


TiltSticker are a reliable and affordable solution to monitoring and controlling the shipment of following items: Art/sculpture, Telecommunication equipment, Heavy machinery, Furniture, Computer systems, Batteries, Plasma & LCD screens, Liquids, Copiers, Printers, Scanners and other Heavy instrument


Placement of labels This tilt sensor turns red if the container it is affixed to tips on its side or is completely upended. TiltSticker will not activate under normal handling conditions or aircraft takeoffs. Two TiltSticker are required for each package mounted on adjacent sides to monitor all planes product



TiltSticker Plus indicates whether there has been tilt to the left or right, the degree of the tilt, or if complete overturn has take place.

Amassed_TiltSticker Plus.JPG


SkidMates Pallet Cushion Protection

For all the machinery faced by sensitive in the shock, field and vibration during transport causes some of the most serious and costly damage — amounting to millions of dollars each year. 


Amassed Enterprise's SkidMates cushions offer a cost-effective and simple solution. Designed to mount directly on pallet bases with a 5/16" – 18 UNC bolt threaded into the molded-in insert, these air-dampened cushions provide maximum protection against vibration and shock with minimum size and weight—taking the place of wood skid runners and eliminating the need for expensive air-ride trucks. 


They can be suitable for any load—from fabricated and tailor-made pallets to heavy-duty pallet loads for any type of commercial and industrial, or military cargo. Skid-Mates are color-coded by load range, and also permit four-way pallet entry, making loading and unloading easy. 

  • Tan SkidMate 20-35 lb. (9.6–15.9 kgs) per pad

  • Green SkidMate 30-50 lb. (13.6–22.7 kgs) per pad

  • Yellow SkidMate 45-80 lb. (20.4–36.3 kgs) per pad

  • Blue SkidMate 70-125 lb. (31.8–56.7 kgs) per pad

  • Orange SkidMate 125-225 lb. (56.7–102.0 kgs) per pad


Tip(N)Tell® is an easy-to-use plastic indicator that, when mounted properly, can tell the receiver if the package had been tipped in transit.

The reservoir-to-arrow bead transfer with activation pin ensures that the indicator will not be triggered before it's mounted and that once it has been triggered, it cannot be tampered with.

This ensures that our customers always receive quality shipments and that their customers can be sure of the indicator's accuracy

Tip N tell tilt indicator


Drop(N)Tell® is a unique, bi-directional indicator that uses mechanical action to snap an arrow from red to blue in the direction of the impact.

Unlike our market competitors, Drop(N)Tell® has a special lock pin that guarantees they will not be triggered upon arrival at our customer's door.

drop n tell impact indicator
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