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Protective Packaging Solutions


Air Pillow & Cushion Bubble

Excellently protect valuable goods from shock.

Amassed’s air pillow and cushion bubble are an ideal solution for excellently protecting valuable goods in transit from void filling, and blocking and bracing products in the carton box.

Our protective packaging systems generate cushioning on-demand directly at the packing.

This saves valuable storage space and perfectly design to the packing process to meet on-site requirements. Our air pillow sizes and on-demand bubble, ensuring all your products are impeccably protected. The films are required very little raw material.

Void Filling, Blocking and Bracing with Airpcs Air Pillow

Airpcs Pouch – Air pillow are perfect for fast and cost-effectively filling void in carton box. The goods are optimally secured in the parcel with this protective packaging. This type of air cushion is the ideal solution for pre-packed fragile or sensitive products from shock during transition.

Airpcs Cushion Bubble for Wrapping

The Airpcs Bubble is the industry’s most flexible, reliable and easy
on-demand protective packaging system.

The inflator machine produces filled bubbles used for wrapping,
block-and-brace applications.

Airpcs Bubble keep your products safe and secure for your customers, and never worry about damage returns again, with our
protective package solutions.

Airpcs Cushion Bubble for Wrapping


PolyEthelyne Foam / EVA Foam

Protective cushion that is clean, attractive appearance, able to absorb multiple impacts and can be fabricated by low die-cut mold cost.

PolyEthelyne Foam _ EVA



A high-performance packaging foam custom designed to protect your products during shipping, warehousing and general trading.

Benefits of Foamrite®Foam Packaging 

  • Saves money

Foamrite® foam is a reasonably priced foam in place packaging medium designed to save customers substantial costs as compared with traditional foam in place systems,adding valuable profits to our customers bottom line.

  • Products protection

Foamrite® foam is the perfect cushioning material for all your packaging needs. Our polyurethane foams superior cushioning performance insures your products arrive at their destination damage free.

  • Fast and easy to use

Foamrite® foam in place packaging dispenses fast, forming a custom cushion or an engineered pre-molded cushion in seconds, increasing your productivity, with significant labor savings.

  • Versatile

Foamrite® foams can protect virtually any product regardless of size, shape and weight. No matter what your current packaging application there is a Foamrite® foam to suite your packaging needs.

  • Warehouse space savings

Since Foamrite® dispensed on demand, a 55-gallon drum of each component, when dispensed, can create up to a trailer-truck load of packaging material, saving valuable warehouse space and money.


Ideal for medium to large volume applications that requires protective void-fill, blocking and bracing and cushioning protection requirement for a package.

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