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The 2 Common Type of Laminated Aluminum Foil for Industrial Vacuum Packing

Industrial vacuum packing is a very common practice to save shipments during transit. Typically, machinery packers will use the moisture barrier aluminum foil as the material to create a bag size to cover the entire consignment as pictured.

In the Malaysian market, the moisture barrier aluminum foil you found many sizes in roll form and two common types of materials.

The first material is a silver or shining outer layer (metalized material) and the inner layer with white woven film. In fact, it is a grade of roofing material used as heat insulation for factories, warehouses, hospitals, etc. On the other hand, it is also widely applied to industrial vacuum packing for machinery and equipment for exporting purposes. Suppose you are a machinery exporter and very concerned about your machines, the good protection against moisture damage during the transition. Roofing grade of moisture barrier film may not be your first choice of material to protect expensive machines. It is because the Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR) of this type of film is high, meaning that the air penetrates into this film very faster. If your machine is very sensitive to moisture, it will cause corrosion.

The second material is a genuine aluminum grade of moisture barrier film. The appearance is both sizes in the silver or shining surface. This type of aluminum will easily be found in our daily lives, such as foods flexible packaging, milk powder for babies, etc. A real lamination aluminum foil is a great moisture barrier material. It can delay the air penetrate into the package in a very long period of time. The MVTR of the film is very low. It is highly recommended to use it to cover the precious machine for exporting purposes.

By the way, the attached photo of the shipment with moisture barrier film is made in roofing grade of moisture barrier film.

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