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Container Securing Solutions


Dunnage air bags are inflatable bags that are used to secure cargo in place during transportation. They are used to fill gaps and voids between cargo, and to prevent shifting, sliding, or toppling during transportation. Dunnage air bags are typically made of durable materials such as polypropylene, paper, or woven fabrics, and they can be inflated using air compressors or hand pumps.

During sea shipping, cargo is exposed to various forces such as waves, wind, and other movements. These forces can cause cargo to shift or move, which can lead to damage, loss, or even accidents. To prevent this from happening, dunnage air bags are used to fill the spaces between cargo and keep them in place. The bags provide a cushioning effect that absorbs shocks and vibrations during transportation.

One of the advantages of dunnage air bags is that they are lightweight and easy to use. They can be quickly inflated and inserted between cargo, which saves time and labor costs. They are also reusable, which makes them a cost-effective solution for cargo stabilization.

Dunnage air bags come in different sizes and strengths to suit various cargo types and transportation modes. They are commonly used in shipping containers, trucks, and other vehicles that transport goods. By using dunnage air bags, cargo owners can ensure that their goods arrive at their destination safely and in good condition.


A battery-powered inflator air gun is a tool used to inflate dunnage air bags. Dunnage air bags are inflatable bags made of tough, durable materials such as polypropylene or paper, and they are used to fill the gaps between cargo in shipping containers, trucks, or railcars to prevent damage caused by shifting during transportation. The bags are inflated to a specified pressure to create a tight and secure fit.

The battery-powered inflator air gun is a portable and convenient tool that allows for easy and efficient inflation of dunnage air bags. It typically consists of a rechargeable battery, an air compressor, and a trigger-operated nozzle. The nozzle is inserted into the air valve on the dunnage air bag, and the trigger is pulled to release compressed air and inflate the bag.

One of the advantages of a battery-powered inflator air gun is that it is cordless, which means it can be used in locations without access to a power source. The rechargeable battery provides the necessary power to inflate multiple dunnage air bags on a single charge. Additionally, the tool is lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal for use in warehouses, distribution centers, or on the go.

In conclusion, a battery-powered inflator air gun is an essential tool for inflating dunnage air bags in the shipping and transportation industry. It is a convenient, efficient, and portable option that allows for easy inflation of multiple bags without the need for a power source. If you are involved in shipping or transportation, this tool is definitely worth considering for your dunnage air bag inflation needs.


Composite Strap

  • Polyester composite strapping solutions provide a high quality, strong solution to securing cargoes of all sizes, however fragile, heavy or expensive they are.

  • Amassed experts can demonstrate the container securing solutions to your specific applications in cost-effective manner.

    • High strength

    • Shock absorbent

    • Does not get loose (high retained tension)

    • Highly elastic and flexible

    • No sharp edges that could damage your products

    • Does not damage cargo

    • Resistant to severe weather conditions and UV

    • Cost-effective

    • Light-weight

    • Rust-proof, doesn’t rust or corrode

    • Resistant to chemicals

    • Fast and easy to use

    • Safe usage

Composite Strap.jpg

Galvanized Wire Buckle

The wire used to produce Wire Buckle is Galvanized and that is why they are referred as Galvanized Buckles.

Galvanized Buckles are used with Polyester Corded Composite Strapping and Polyester Corded Hotmelt (Textile) Strapping. They are also used with PET Strapping and PP Strapping applications. Although the System Strength of PET Strapping & buckle and PP Strapping & buckle combinations are not as strong as Composite Strapping & buckle combination, for light applications PET Strapping and PP Strapping are used manually with a Galvanized Buckle due to its ease of use.

Tensioner Tool

Composite strapping and buckle solutions provide a high-quality, strong solution in order to product securing. They are relatively easy to use and can be consistently applied with our tensioner tool range which is solid and high in quality. 


Manual Strapping Tensioners

Our manual tensioner allows tension to be applied to a container securing system in an easy, fast, and ergonomic manner, with the highest pre-tension in the market



  • High quality steel body

  • Hardened steel parts

  • High durability

  • Low initial cost

  • Highest pre-tension in the market

  • Highest pre-tension in the market

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to use

Manual Tensioner Tool.jpg


Woven Strap is the most effective way to secure cargo for shipping internationally wherever it may be, on any kind of transport unit – containers, flat racks, railcars or ships. The Woven Strap eliminates unexpected incidents and damage to your cargo.


Safe, cost-effective and time-efficient



  • High Strength

  • Shock Absorbent

  • Does not get loose (High Retain Tension)

  • No sharp edges that could damage your products

  • Does not damage cargo

  • Cost Effective

  • Fast and easy to use

  • Soft and can be used without buckles

  • Safe Usage


PET Strapping Band

PET stands for Polyethylene Terephthalate and is a high quality plastic resin in Polyester. PET Strapping has a higher tensile strength than PP (Polypropylene) strapping and its characteristics are long life, resistance to ultraviolet light and is weatherproof. One of the great advantages is the high elasticity, therefore allowing the strap to maintain its tensile state even if the package shrinks after being strapped up. This advantage has also made PET straps a successful candidate in replacing steel strapping in various applications.

Serrated Seal

Our Serrated Seals are qualified for use with our manufactured PET straps. The serrated pattern stops the strap from slipping away during strap tensioning. Made from top-grade heavy duty galvanized steel, our Serrated Seals offer excellent quality for all of our customers.

We are now offers Serrated Seal solutions for 12mm, 16mm and 19mm PET straps. 

Serrated Seal.JPG
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