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What is the simplest way of calculating the Heat Shrink Gun Gas Consumption?

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

This is one of the frequently asked questions. In another way, most people will ask; For how long a 14kg of LPG gas can last while using the heat shrink gun?

Normally, we answer the question by telling that, a 14 kg cylinder of LPG gas can last for 5.9 hours to do the heat shrink wrapping. Well, how do we get the answer here? Theoretically, 1Kg of LPG gas = 46,452 Btu (14kg x 46,452 Btu = 650,328 Btu)

For example, the ShrinKit's gun has a consumption of 110,000 Btu/ hr

The ShrinKit’s heat gun will last approximately 5.9 hours under its constant application on a 14 Kg bottle of LPG gas (650,328 divided by 110,000 = 5.9).

Note: BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. It's a form of measurement that indicates energy.

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